Dramatic Play

POWER PLAY: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One of the most frequently heard complaints among caregivers is that young children insist on playing super hero or fighting games. Around the age of four, a perfectly sweet and wonderful group of children can transform into a miniature commando unit, arms and legs flying as they challenge anyone and everyone wandering into their territory. It’s as predictable as puberty, and often just as frustrating for adults. More…

Be an Animal

How about if they pretended to be an animal, like a duck, and made up a story about their day on the farm? What would they do, what would the eat, where would they sleep, etc. Play a pantomime game. Using small plastic farm animals or small pictures as cues, one child looks at the picture or animal secretly and then pantomimes the actions of that animal – kids guess which animal he/she is. More…

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