2 Year Old Assessment Checklist

This check list is intended for children 24 – 36 month. At this age the children will develop very quickly and she develop most of these skill as they approach the age of 3. This check list should be done twice during the school year, October and May.

Child’s Name: ___________________________________
Birth Date: _____________________


Personal Curiosity / AutonomyOctoberMay
1. Shows curiosity and interest is surroundings  
2. Imitates the actions of adults  
3. Imitates play of other children  
4. Finds own play areas or activity  
5. Enjoys looking at books  
6. begins to notice differences between safe and unsafe environment  
7. Begins to develop senses of touch, smell, taste, and hearing  
8. Begins to place large puzzle pieces in appropriate slots  
9. Refers to self by name  
10. Points to common object on command  
11. Associates use with common objects  
12. Stacks three rings by size  
13. Knows that different activities go on different times of the day  
14. Understands that idea of waiting for someone else to go first  
15. Shows simple symbolic play (pretends block is a cup)  
16. Acts out a simple story  
17. Draws a face (no arms or legs)  


Sentence StructureOctoberMay
18. Describes what happened in two or three words  
19. Verbalizes wants (“want water.”)  
20. Repeats parts of songs, rhymes, and fingerplays  
21. Gives first and last name when asked  
22. Uses short sentences to convey simple ideas  
23. Listens to simple stories and songs  
24. Follows simple directions  
25. Place objects in, on beside, or under  
26. Identifies loud and soft  
27. Identifies own gender  
28. Identifies boy or girl  
29. Identifies self in mirror  
30. Names common objects in pictures  
31. Pints to six body parts when named  
32. Puts on and removes coat unassisted  
33. Lifts and drinks from cup and replaces on table  
34. Spoon feeds without spilling  
35. Begins to understand cleanliness  
36. Helps put things away  
Social StudiesOctoberMay
37. Identifies self from snapshot  
38. Shows pleasure in dealing with people and things  
39. Values own property and names personal belongings  
40. Follows simple rules in a game run by an adult  


41. Understands the concept of “one”  
42. Counts two (repeats two digits)  
43. Indicates awareness of more than two  
44. Groups things together by size (one category)  
Size DifferencesOctoberMay
45. Points to big and little objects  
46. Differentiates circle and square  


47. Knows the names of three animals  
48. Can associate the words grass, plant, and tree with correct objects  
49. Identifies rain, clouds, and sun  
50. Begins to understand hard and soft  
51. Begins to understand hot and cold  
52. Begins to understand wet and dry  
53. Matches two color samples  

Gross Motor

Arm-Eye CoordinationOctoberMay
54. Throws a small object two feet  
55. Catches a rolled ball and rolls it forward  
Body CoordinationOctoberMay
56. Jumps with two feet  
57. Claps with music  
58. Walks on tip toe  
59. Walks upstairs alone (both feet on each step)  
60. Walks downstairs alone (both feet on each step)  
61. Hops on one foot  

Fine Motor

Finger Strength and DexterityOctoberMay
62. Fills and dumps container with sand  
63. Turns single pages  
Eye-Hand CoordinationOctoberMay
64. Applies glue and pastes collage pieces  
65. Paints with a large brush  
66. Tears paper  
67. Strings five large beads  
68. Colors with a large crayon  
69. Rolls, pounds, and squeezes clay  
70. Draws a horizontal line  
71. Builds a six-block tower  

Additional Comments:

Original source not known / Redone by Christa of Preschool Education .Com
Printing permission granted for classroom use only.

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