Calendar : 2001 > August

Monthly Events:

Home Business Month
National Catfish Month
Children’s Vision & Learning Month
Medic- Alert Awareness Month
National Water Quality Month
Romance Awareness Month
American Artist Appreciation Month
National Golf Month
National Inventors Month
Foot Health Month
National Back To School Month
Family Fun Month
Foot Health Month
Peach Month
National Watermelon Month

Weekly Events:

International Clown Week – Week One
Simplify your life week – Week One
National Bargain Hunting week – Week two
National Smile Week – Week Two
National Mosquito Awareness Weekend – Week One
Elvis Week –  Week Two
Air Conditioning Appreciation week – Week Three
Don’t Wait – Celebrate! Week – Week Three
National Aviation week – Week Three
National Veterinary week – Week Four
Stepparent’s Appreciation Week -Week Four

Daily Events:

1- Parent’s Day
1- National Raspberry Cream Pie Day
1- Rounds Resounding Day (learn to sing a round)
1- Sports Day
2- First Income Tax Congress enacts first income tax in 1861.
2- National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
3- National Watermelon Day
3- National Baseball Association Formed 1949
3- Prairie Dawn’s Birthday (Sesame Street)
4- Coast Guard Day
4- National Chocolate Chip Day
4- National Mustard Day First Saturday in August.
5- Sister’s Day
5- National Night Out
5- American Family Day First Sunday in August
5- Friendship Day First Sunday in August
6- Odie’s Birthday (Garfield’s Pal)
6- National Fresh Breath Day
6- Lucille Ball’s Birthday (1911)
6- Wiggle your toes day
6- Half way point of the Summer (12:08 PM EDT)
7- Sea Serpent Day
8- Sneak some Zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch night.
8- Dollar Day- the US dollar was created
9- Smokey the Bears Birthday, 1944
9- Book lovers Day
9- International Art Appreciation Day
9- National Hand holding Day
10- S’mores Day
10- Lazy day
10- Middle Children’s Day
11- Play in the Sand Day
11- Daughter’s Day
11- Dog days end
12- International Youth Day
13- Blame Someone Else Day
13- Annie Oakley’s Birthday Born in 1860.
13- International Left Handers Day
14- Senior Citizens Day
14- National Creamsicle Day
14- National Financial Awareness Day
15- National Failures Day
15- National Relaxation Day
15- Bob’s Birthday (Sesame Street)
15- National I Love Cowboys and Cowgirls Day
16- Joke day
16- Roller Coaster Day – Patented (1898)
17- National Thriftshop Day
17- Davy Crockett’s Birthday Born in 1786.
18- National Homeless animals Day
18- Bad Poetry Day
18- Wizard of Oz Premiered – 1939
19- National Aviation Day
19- Potato Day
19- Bill Clinton’s Birthday Born in 1946.
19- Snuffleupagus’s Birthday (Sesame Street)
19- Orville Wright’s Birthday Born in 1871.
19- National Aviation day
20- National Radio Day
21- National Homeless Animals Day
22- Be an Angel Day
22- National Tooth Fairy Day
23- National Sponge cake Day
24- Strange Music Day
25- Kiss and Make-up Day
26- Make your own luck day
26- National Cherry Popsicle Day
26- Woman’s Equality Day
27- Motorist Consideration Day
27- Mother Teresa’s Birthday Born in 1910.
28- Dream Day
29- More Herbs Less Salt day
30- National Toasted Marshmallow day
31- Herry Monster’s Birthday (Sesame Street)
31- National Trail Mix Day

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