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Thankful Turkey 
Added: 11-07-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

A bulletin board that says, “WE ARE THANKFUL FOR OUR FRIENDS”. You could make a large turkey for the bulletin board and one day in circle time have a discussion on why they are thankful for their friends. Write each of their responses on a separate turkey feather and when you have them all written down, put the feathers on the turkey. Make colorful construction paper turkey feathers with a strip of white paper on them to write each child’s response. I do the same thing except I just entitle it “WE ARE THANKFUL FOR…” and the children tell me what they are thankful for and I write their responses on the feathers.

Added: 11-07-1998 
Submitted by: Karen LaVarnway

 I make a turkey using a brown paper bag cut into a circle and crumpled into a ball then flattened. I make a head out of fun foam and put on a gobble and wiggle eyes. I have each child trace each of their hands and put them behind the head and body to form the feathers. We usually name the turkey each year by having each child vote on which name they want then voting for the most popular. When the holiday is done then we remove the hands and put them together to make a friendship wreath. The kids enjoy making this board together and it turns out great each year.

Added: 08-09-2001 
Submitted by: Katrina Bingaman

For Thanksgiving. In big letters across the bulletin board spell out We Are Thankful For……. Ask your class about the things they are thankful for and let them help you cut pictures of items they are thankful for out of magazines.  I use a picture of a large turkey for the center piece and border it with fall leaves. The background can be any fall color.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Added: 09-17-2001 
Submitted by: Renee Andrews

Asked each child to bring in one his/her dad’s old ties. (We got some really “far out” contributions.) Take each tie and stretch out as the turkey’s tail feathers. Attach to bulletin board paper. (We used yellow.) Then add a large turkey head view cut out. Ours was very colorful and laminated for durability.
Beside each tie “feather” the contributing child wrote what he/she was thankful for. We titled our bulletin “door” Turkey Ti(e)me!

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