Bulletin Boards : Back To School

School Bus  added 7-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Create a large yellow school bus, with the children’s heads (photos, photocopies or drawings) in the windows. The side of the bus could read “Mrs. Smith’s Magic School Bus”.

Bright Star  added 7-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Print each child’s name on a star. “Welcome to my Bright Stars!”

What a Great Catch!  added 7-27-00 Original Author Unknown

Take pictures of the children the first day of school. Then have then developed. I attach the pictures to a fishing net with fish  cut outs and hang up with the words  “What a Great Catch!” 

Our Future’s So Bright  added 7-28-00 Original Author Unknown

One of my favorite beginning bulletin boards is a great big sun with sunglasses on and the caption “Our Future’s So Bright, We Have To Wear Shades” I take their pictures individually the first day wearing sunglasses and then put them up on the BB. It’s in the hall and everyone loves it!

Step on in!  added 7-28-00 Original Author Unknown

Have a bulletin board saying “Step on in for a good year” or “Stepping into a great year at (your school’s name)”. Find a pattern of a shoe and copy it. The kids could color them and put their names on them. We always ask for a picture of the kids so they see themselves at school.

We All Fit Together  added 9-2-00 Original Author Unknown

The heading on the board was “We all fit together”.  I used a large floor puzzle.  First we put it together and then we traced each piece and put a number in the corner so we would know where it went.  Each child drew a picture of themselves on their piece and decorated it any way that they wanted.

One Honey Of A Room  added 5-23-01 Submitted by: Cheryl Warner

Make bees buzzing around a hive.  Put each child’s name on the bee and title your bulletin board “WELCOME TO ONE HONEY OF A ROOM”

Jumping into Pre-K added 5-23-01 Original Author Unknown

Cover the door of your classroom or your bulletin board with blue butcher paper. On green paper cut out a big frog sitting on a lily pad. Above the frog write, “Look who’s jumping into Pre-K!”. Make little frog cut outs for all the children in your class.  Write each child’s name on one and put them around the door or on the bulletin board. The children have a great time finding their name.

Whose Who? added 8-9-01 Submitted by: Mary Tilman

The students had to decorated  a cardstock person and make it look like them. The students were giving fabric, magazines, art supplies (sequins, buttons, etc..), markers, crayons, glue, and scissors. The students decorate their person. We place on our bulletin board for Open House. The parents had to guess which cardstock person was their child. The students enjoyed watching their parents trying to find them.

Welcome Aboard added 8-9-01 Submitted by: Kathy Taylor

“Whale”come Aboard”. A big picture of a whale with small picture’s of whale’s w/ kid’s names on it.

We Are Ready for Preschool! added 7-15-03 Submitted by: Chris Marrs

Make an ocean scene for the bulletin board by using blue paper for the top 2/3 and brown paper for the bottom 1/3.  You can get very creative by thinning glue and adding sand to the brown paper to look like the ocean floor.  In the middle of the bulletin board put a Sponge Bob picture with the words, “We Are Ready For Preschool!”  Have pictures of Squidward, Sandy, Patrick, Mr. Crabs, for teachers and staff who will be working with the children.  Use other sea creatures and write the children’s names on those. These can be laminated for future use. You can add seaweed by taking green tissue or construction paper and forming into a roll.  Make several different lengths and staple to the board.  You can also add a treasure chest and plastic jewels, necklaces, etc. to the ocean floor using a hot glue gun.  The children and staff love the colors, different textures and of course the Sponge Bob theme!

I’ll Be Dog Gone added 8-2-05 Submitted by: Monica Burch

For a welcome board at the beginning of the school year, make a picture of a big dog (any kind will do) and smaller “pup” pictures of the same dog. The heading for the bulletin board will read “I’ll be dog gone look who is in Pre-K!” Then you will write all the students names on doggie bones.

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