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Added: 10-08-2000

A Woggle of Witches, Adrienne Adams   Buy Now

Trick or Treat Halloween, Sharon Peters   Buy Now

Four Scary StoriesTony Johnston  Buy Now

The Vanishing PumpkinTony Johnston  Buy Now

Very ScaryTony Johnston  Buy Now

Rattlebone Rock, Sylvia Andrews   Buy Now

Froggy’s Halloween, Jonathan London    Buy Now

Sheep Trick or Treat, Nancy Shaw    Buy Now

Five Ugly Monsters, Tedd Arnold   Buy Now

Too Many Pumpkins, Linda White   Buy Now

The Teeny Tiny Ghost, Kay Winters   Buy Now

Nathaniel Willy, Scared Silly, Judith Mathews   Buy Now

Big Pumpkin, Erica Silverman   Buy Now

The Halloween HouseErica Silverman   Buy Now

On Halloween, Ferida NightWolff   Buy Now

Who Said Boo?, Nancy Carlstrom   Buy Now

Witches’ Supermarket, Susan Meddaugh    Buy Now

Five Little Pumpkins, Dan Yaccarino    Buy Now

Ten Timid Ghosts, Jennifer O’Connell     Buy Now

Monster Town Fair, Judith Stamper     Buy Now

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid…, Linda Williams      Buy Now

Inside a House That Is Haunted: Rebus Story, Tedd Arnold      Buy Now

Pumpkin Pumpkin, Jeanne Titherington      Buy Now

Go Away, Big Green Monster!, Ed Emberley   Buy Now

Monster Soup, Dilys Evans  Buy Now

The Teeny-Tiny Woman, 
Paul Galdone    Buy Now

Scary Party, Sue Hendra   Buy Now

The House That Drac Built, Judy Sierra    Buy Now

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