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Arthur’s Halloween
By Marc Tolon Brown

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Arthur has trouble falling asleep the night his family decorated the house for Halloween. It seemed a little scary! The following morning D.W. scares him when she wakes him up in her costume. Then at breakfast, Arthur’s mom reminds him that he needs to take his sister trick- or- treating that evening. Could things get any worse? Of course they can when your sisters name is D.W.!

     On their trick-or-treating route Arthur and D.W. have trouble keeping up with their other friends. D.W. tail gets caught, her treat bag breaks, and then she runs ahead and goes into the house where the witch lives! Arthur is scared but he must enter the house to get D.W. ,after all, he is responsible for her!

      Another great book, written by Marc Brown, that keeps the children wondering what will happen next! Did the witch eat D.W., did she do secret experiments on her, did she lock D.W. and Arthur in the basement? Rumor has it that the last children that went to this house, never come back out!
 Will Arthur find his sister and get her back home safely? You’ll need to find out on your own!

      I recommend this book for ages 4-8, beginner readers may need a little help reading the words, however the pictures are bright and full of details! My children enjoyed this one just as much as I did, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

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