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The Teeny Tiny Ghost
By Kay Winters  
Illustrated By Lynn Munsinger

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

This teeny tiny ghost is afraid of everything, even himself! At school he learns about Halloween but he has never been out on Halloween night before. It seemed a teeny tiny bit scary! Actually, it sounded very scary! After school the teeny tiny ghost does his homework, practicing his haunting skills. He practices his “boos” and “whoos,” and scares himself. Then he ” howls” and “yowls” and scares himself. He becomes upset with the fact that he is so timid and he begins to cry teeny tiny tears. On Halloween night he sees lights bobbing past his house, then he hears “Rap Tap Tap” on his door. He asks, in a teeny tiny voice, who it is but all he hears is “let us in.” He tries to ask again and receives the same reply but only louder! Suddenly the teeny tiny ghost isn’t so teeny tiny after all. He must protect his teeny tiny kittens from harm! How does he do this you’re wondering? With teeny tiny courage, of course! To his surprise, the strangers are his teeny tiny friends from school. They have come to share Halloween with him! What a great holiday, especially when you’re a ghost!

     I read this book to my children and they had a great time helping me by repeating the “teeny tiny” words! In fact they enjoyed it so much we read it three times! If that doesn’t show you why this book would be a great addition to your book shelves then I don’t know what will!

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