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I Was So Mad
By: Mercer Mayer

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Poor Little Critter, no matter what he wants to play or do in this book, he is repeatedly told “No!”

   When Critter crawls right into little sisters doll house because he wants to play with her, Dad says “No!” Little Critter is mad! When Little Critter goes outside to play hide and seek amongst the hanging sheets on the clothesline, Grandma says, “No, you can’t!” Again Little Critter gets mad!

When Little Critter tries to help out by doing something nice like watering the garden, he again is told “No!” He is not even allowed to decorate the side of the house! Little Critter keeps getting madder and madder!

Dad suggests Little Critter should play in the sand box. Mom suggests Little Critter should play o the slide, but all Little Critter wants to do is juggle the eggs and tickle the fish! Little Critter gets so furiously mad that he decides to run away! He packs his favorite toys and a bag of chocolate chip cookies in case he gets hungry along the way. As he pulls his loaded wagon out of the house, he sees his friends! They have come to see if Little Critter wants to play ball with them! Finally! Something Little Critter is allowed to do!

   This is the perfect storybook for your favorite little mischief-maker! I recommend this book for ages 2-6 or any child that may feel the ways Little Critter does!

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