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Go Away, Big Green Monster
By Ed Emberley

Review by: Jacqueline Kilmer

Beware! This book contains a big green monster! Well, it’s not really that big, but it is green! ( With a big bluish-green nose , sharp white teeth, and yellow eyes.) Does he still sound scary? You bet!

     This adorable die-cut book is a masterpiece for children who really are afraid of something. It gives them control over their world. They can create and cremate (kind of) the monster picture. As they turn page after horrifying page a monster will appear. Then as quickly as they made him, he will disappear when they continue to turn the pages. He really is kind of cute in a monster-kind of way. 

     This book is ideal for the preschool set. Older children probably won’t get as much of a thrill from turning the pages. But the technique of die-cut pages might intrigue them enough to want to try designing their own “monstrous” masterpieces! Adults will love the amount of time children will spend reading the easy , repetitive words. 

     I recommend this story for children from 2 to 6.

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