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One Stuck Duck
By Phyllis Root
Illustrated by Jane Chapman

Review by: Christa J Koch
Owner/ Operator of

 “Help! Help! Who can help”, one duck stuck in the muck.
        This is a wonderfully mathematic and rhyming story, with a lesson about cooperation. Several pond friends take turns trying to help free the duck, who’s stuck in the muck. Each new group of animals have there own sound. Makes for a funny yet educational story. Counting from “2 fish, splish, splish”, to “10 dragonflies, zing, zing”. Unfortunately for the stuck duck, none of the animals have any luck.

“No luck
The duck stays stuck
Deep in the muck
Down by the
Muggy, buggy marsh.”

         The duck asks again, “Help! Help! Who can help? We can, we can” says all the animals who have tried to free the duck alone. They “splish, clomp, pleep, plop, plunk, sloth, slosh, slink, and zing” together. They all worked together to help one duck get unstuck. “SLUNK” This is one lucky duck.

          Jane Chapman did a terrific job of illustrating this incredible story. The bright blues, greens, and yellows really bring the pond to life. The text is bold and the animals are easy to count. Your preschooler will be delighted with the lively story.

           I recommend this book for preschool children age 2-5 years old.

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