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Love and Kisses
By Sarah Wilson

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

This is a cutsie of a book! Watch and follow as a little girl spreads her love and kisses around to many simply by kissing her cat! After she kisses the cat, the cat in return kisses a cow. The cow then kisses a goose who kisses a fish and so on. It ends by the girl getting kisses in return. You know the old saying, “Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself”, well this book is surely true to its word! A rhythmic story of love and kisses opens up with the turn of each page. Easy reading for beginners and fun for all, I recommend this book for ages 2-6. The illustrator uses a cartoon style for the pictures and as well you will find many, many hearts on these pages! A cute book perfect for bedtime or quiet time when all you want to do is cuddle and share your love with others. Hopefully, “Kisses, kisses, smooch and smack, you�ll have your love and kisses back!”

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