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Clifford’s Manners
By Norman Bridwell

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Do you know why everybody loves Clifford, the big red dog? He has good manners! Emily Elizabeth taught Clifford all of his manners and this is what is discussed in this story by Norman Bridwell. Clifford knows how to say please and thank you. He knows that it is polite to write a thank you note when someone gives him a present. He knows how to wait his turn, and how to clean up after he has made a mess. When Clifford needs to walk in front of someone, he knows that the right thing to say is “Excuse me”, and he also knows when he needs to be quiet and listen. Clifford has a lot of friends because Clifford is very good at sharing. When Clifford has a disagreement with someone he knows to talk it through and he knows it is wrong to hit and fight. Clifford is also a good sport, which means that he does not get upset if he loses a game and he does not boast if he wins a game. When Clifford wants to visit someone, like his sister who lives in the country, he knows to call ahead of time and he knows that it is polite to show up on time. Clifford barely ever gets sick because he knows how important it is to wash up before eating his food. At the dinner table, Clifford knows that it is not polite to talk with his mouth full, and he also always helps to clean up after dinner is over. Most importantly, Clifford knows how to say “thank you” and “good-bye”. Clifford has great manners! I hope you do to! 

     I recommend this book for children two years old to six years old. This book is great for in the classroom when you are discussing manners and hygiene.

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