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Mouse’s First Christmas
By Lauren Thompson
Illustrated by Buket Erdogan

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

 ‘Twas a night still and starry and all through the house, things seemed very different for this little mouse! Mouse knew there was something different about his house, so he decided to go and explore his surroundings. He finds something sparkly and sweet, and realizes that it is a cookie. As this poor little mouse goes on exploring the author, Lauren Thompson, describes how the objects look, feel, taste, and smell. Near the end of this book, Mouse finds a pair of boots, Santa’s boots. Santa looks at this poor helpless mouse and says “‘Tis your very first Christmas and all through the house no one is loved more then you… little mouse.”

     Santa gives Mouse a present, no doubt his first, which he definitely shares with his family. Using all of the mouse’s five senses, this book is excellent to use if you are planning a sensory theme with your kids. With up to ten words a page it is an awesome story for beginning readers, and children as young as 2 will enjoy listening to it. I recommend this book for ages 0-7. Hope your little ones enjoy it as much as mine did!

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