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Angel Baby
By Pat Cummings

Review by: Stephanie Rawlins

Angel Baby by Pat Cummings vibrantly shares a busy day in the life of a baby through the eyes of his bigger sister that is. Mom can only see what an angel he can be, while Amanda Lynn sees baby brother as a handful.

     Cummings’ bright and colorful illustrations help the reader and listener feel every wiggly, bouncy moment. Her pictures are full of the action and chaos that tend to accompany toddlers, siblings, pets, paints, and baths. The story is fun and lively, with a rhyming pace that follows the action in it’s rich illustrations. And Amanda Lynn is a patient and helpful, big sister, definitely a role model for older siblings with a toddler in the house.

      Great for preschoolers and elementary level children, angels or not!

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