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Guess Who’s Coming, Jesse Bear
By Nancy White Carlstrom
Illustrated by: Bruce Degen

Review by: Lori Plach

     Sometimes our expectations are true and sometimes they aren’t. Visualizing what something will be like often differs greatly from the end result.

     That adorable bear, Jesse Bear, created by Nancy White Carlstrom fears the worst when he hears that his cousin Sara will be coming for a visit. He remembers that she is older, bigger, a bully and is too bossy to suit him. Jesse tells his mother that he dreads Sara’s visit. His mother reassures him that she isn’t so bad and he might just enjoy Sara’s visit. Jesse Bear is not convinced one little bit. Throughout the days of the weeks, Sara teaches Jesse all sorts of interesting and fun things, like climbing a tree, roller skating and how to dance even if it means stepping on Jesse’s feet. They enjoy playing school and hide-and-seek. All good things must come to an end. Before too long, the week is over and its time for Sara Bear to head for home. Jesse Bear hates to see her go. They promise the will stay in touch.

      Guess Who’s Coming, Jesse Bear is a very heartwarming tale with a pleasant ending. Young children will love pointing out Jesse Bear on each page. As usual for the books in the Jesse Bear series, Bruce Degen does and excellent job in bringing the text to life. Children ages 2 to 6 will especially this book.  The message behind the book is don’t make judgments about a situation until you’ve experience it.

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