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Clifford’s Christmas
By Norman Bridwell

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

It’s that time of year again, time for the Thanksgiving parade, and who always appears at the end of the parade? Santa Claus, of course! It is the beginning of the Christmas season, when snow begins to fall and children build snowmen. This is the time of year that Clifford enjoys so much! Emily and Clifford count down the days until Christmas, they have so much to do to prepare for this special day. Clifford notices some men at a construction site moving a large tree, and decides to bring it home. He meant well, but the Christmas tree he picked was to large to fit into Emily’s house. It was perfect for Clifford’s house, however. When Clifford was taking a nap Emily and her friends snuck up to him and held mistletoe over his head. Boy was he surprised. When Christmas eve arrived Emily hung Clifford’s stocking on his dog house, Santa would soon be there. That night Santa’s sleigh landed on Clifford’s doghouse. Poor Santa couldn’t find the chimney. Suddenly Clifford woke up startled, someone was calling for help, and that call was coming out of Clifford’s stocking! Clifford dumped out the stocking and saved Santa but they noticed that the bag of presents had fallen right into Clifford’s water bowl. Clifford tried to help Santa by giving Santa the gifts that Emily had already placed under his tree, but Santa did a little magic and his sack was full of brand new toys for all the children again. Clifford helped Santa back up to his sleigh and said good-bye until next year. In the morning when he awoke, Clifford found a huge bone from Santa Claus! Every day is like Christmas when you have a big red dog like Clifford. 
I recommend this book for ages 2 to 6 and for Santa Claus believers, young and old.

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