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The Rickety Barn Show
By Jemma Beeke
Illustrated by Lynne Chapman

Review by: Lori Plach

A secret isn’t really a secret if everyone knows it. Jasper makes the mistake of telling someone a secret that is not able to keep anything quiet. Jasper, a cat, has come up with an interesting idea. He is going to put on a show called the rickety barn show for all the animals on the farm.

     But when Jasper tells Sniggle, a pig, its not just his show any more! Sniggle will accompany Jasper’s singing with an one-pig band. He gains the attention of Suzie, a hen, when practicing, and she wants to join the show. As each animal group including horse, hens, sheep, cows and dogs hear about the show, they all start planning their acts and have a great time rehearsing. When no one shows up to see the show, they all except for Sniggle wonder where the audience is. They soon realize the reason is because everyone is now a part of the show. But the show must go on. 

     Small children will love to see the humorous pictures and animals performing different acts. Just imagine a singing cat, a horse reciting a short poem, acrobatic sheep, juggling cows and a dog for a master of ceremonies. 

     This is a sure fire hit for young kids!

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