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Aaron’s Hair
By Robert N. Munsch

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

The little guy in this story wanted to look just like his daddy, so he decided to let his hair grow! However, when Aaron tries to comb his hair, his hair just wouldn’t cooperate! Aaron hates his hair and he tells it so! Suddenly, Aaron’s hair jumps off and runs away and Aaron is sent all over town in search of it! Well wouldn’t you feel like hiding if your feelings were hurt? Aaron’s hair travels around town attaching itself to lots of different places, starting with Aaron’s baby sister’s head, then to a lady’s tummy, and then to a mans’ behind! Each time Aaron finds his hair attached to a poor victim he must tell them to tell the hair “Hair, I hate you!” and off the hair ran again. Finally the hair runs all the way back to Aaron’s house but it seems to disappear. Aaron sits down for dinner and says ” I wish my hair would come back” Do you know what happens next? Will Aaron’s hair come back? 

     Written by Robert Munsch, one of my favorite Authors, this story is a crowd pleaser, as are many of Robert Munsch’s books! Done in his unique style, and with a funny story line this book will keep the listener’s attention right until the last page. The illustrations are done by Alan and Lea Daniel, who also did the illustrations for Robert Munsch in his book “Get Out of Bed.” Wonderful and full of action and vibrant color this book could turn into your child’s favorite story, Especially if their own hair is sometimes not cooperative!

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