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By Tedd Arnold

Review by: Yvonne Gaudet

Tedd Arnold, the author of this book, must be a funny guy! I have never enjoyed reading a book over and over as much as I have this one! In the eyes of an innocent child, he shows how the simplest things in life can make a child’s imagination wander! And wander they do! As we see the main character, a little boy, marvel at the idea that he is falling apart! Well at about four years old what would you be thinking if your hair falls out, The fuzz from your tummy is coming out your belly button, and you just sneezed out a piece of your brain! For a little one, this boy is hilarious and his imagination is getting the better of him! My day care children had uncontrollable giggles during this books, and the next time one of them sneezed we were rolling around on the floor in hysterics again! The illustrations in this book are big and cartoons! Lots of fun to look at and eye appealing for even the little ones! By the way, is there any fuzz coming out of your tummy? Better get some glue!

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