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Love is a Handful of Honey
By Giles Andrae

Review by: Lori Plach

What is one of the most loved children’s stories of all time? The Three Bears is an often requested story at our house.

     Love is a Handful of Honey depicts the baby bear doing everyday activities from wake up time to playtime to bath-time to bedtime. It shows a parent playing with the child and sharing the fun. Going on adventures with friends and playing hide and seek are activities which children can relate to. Joy is found in enjoying the simple things in life such as a butterfly tapping on your toes, flowers dancing in the breeze, playing in puddles and a rainbow after a rain shower. At a picnic, love is finding out what is packed for lunch and eating it all. While in the bathtub, the small bear tells his parents about all the fun things that have filled his day.

      The parents show their youngster how the Man in the Moon will be watching over him through the night. They tuck him into bed and give him that last little cuddle and kiss that helps him have a safe feeling when saying good night.

      Love is a Handful of Honey is a very appealing story with simple watercolor pictures. There are just short sentences on each page and rhyming words on each two page set. which will capture the interest of the younger children. This could easily become a favorite in your house too.

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