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by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

Review by: Lori Plach

A young rabbit named Lucy goes to the house of her neighbor, Miss Mamie. Lucy goes to help when she sees the gathering of something. Miss Mamie has an idea of bringing a little Spring inside to brighten the winter day. Together they plant a bulb into a jar filled with small stones. As winter goes on, Lucy often checks with Miss Mamie to see if anything is growing yet. They add more water to their plant and make cut out cookies. They do a piano duet and thread beads together throughout the winter. In the Spring, a white narcissus plant blooms.

     This is a very endearing story of the relationship between a young girl bunny and her elderly neighbor. What child wouldn’t like to bring small stones into a house and make something beautiful and fragrant grow to brighten those long nights of winter. The brightly colored and simple, uncluttered pictures will delight young children. They will enjoy seeing the progression of a bulb to a white flower. It also shows that young children can learn a lot of different things from older people.

     This book will delight children of all ages!

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