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Pete’s A Pizza
Story & Illustrations by William Steig

Review by: Christina Mark

 If you’ve ever dealt with children that have found themselves with “nothing to do” on a rainy day, then this book is a real lifesaver!  Not only is it a terrific read, but it also lends itself to an afternoon of play that is fun for both children and adults.

    Pete’s A Pizza begins with a dull, dreary, rainy day.  Poor Pete!  He had plans to play ball with his friends and now that it is raining he has nothing to do.  In an effort to cheer Pete up, his father decides to make Pete into a pizza.  First, he places him on the kitchen table where he “kneads” and “stretches” Pete.  Then he tosses him into the air.  Then he “flours” Pete with talcum powder and begins to add the various pizza toppings.  He adds tomatoes (checkers) and then he sprinkles on cheese (strips of paper). Finally, he pops Pizza Pete into the oven (okay, so he really lays him on the couch).  When it is time to slice the pizza, the pizza jumps up and runs away and makes the pizza-maker chase him.

    What an absolutely fun book and a great idea for a rainy day.  After all, who doesn’t love pizza?  This delightful, fat-free recipe will have little ones longing to become pizzas.  Why not turn the day into your own Pizza Party Day by combining this story with a game of “Pizza Pete” followed by everyone pitching in to make a real pizza?

    Not only is this a fun and imaginative book, but the cartoon-like illustrations are also entertaining.  I recommend this book for all little pizza-wannabes from 1 to 8 years.

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