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Sponge Paint Giraffe Spots 
Added: 08-28-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Orange paper in the shape of a giraffe, black paint, small sponges or cotton balls, clothes pegs, styrofoam meat tray

Directions: Use the clothes pegs as handles and attach a cotton ball or sponge to the end. Put the paint on a styrofoam meat tray and using the cotton ball/sponge to dip into paint and dab spots onto the giraffe.

Added: 11-09-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Zebra shape, marble, black paint, box

Directions: One of my favorite zoo animal activities is to roller ball paint (marble paint) on a zebra shape with black paint. I use the boxes that canned coke come in to do this activity. I simply supply the black paint in a shallow pan, the zebra cut outs, and large marbles.

Zoo Cage 
Added: 02-27-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Shoe box, straws, clay or toilet paper rolls

Directions: Take a shoe box-remove lid- punch holes about 14 of inch in along the length of the box and again on the paralleled side trying to keep holes aligned. Run a straw through a hole on the top and on the bottom -sit box onto one of longer side wha la cage. Next allow the children to create an animal out of clay or toilet paper rolls. Pull up a straw an give the animal a home.  

Play-Dough Animals  
Added: 02-27-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Animal Cookie cutters, green play dough, paper plate, strawberry basket, glue, green tissue paper

Directions: Purchase zoo animal cookies. Have children place three small blobs of green play-dough onto the middle part of a paper plate. Stand 3 different animal cookies into the blobs so they are facing outward. Then take a plastic strawberry basket and put it over top…it looks like the animals are in cages! I traced the square for the basket with a pencil and put a few drops of white glue there so the basket wouldn’t fall off. The kids thought this was great. Then you can glue small strips of green tissue paper on the outer edges of the plate to look like grass.

Thumbprint Monkeys 
Added: 07-17-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: paper, ink pad, felt tip markers

Directions: Give each child a piece of construction paper with the outline of a tree drawn on it. Set out ink pads and felt-tip markers. Let the children make thumbprint monkeys all over their tree pictures. Have them press a thumb on an ink pad and make two thumbprints, one above the other, (Touching), on their papers. Complete monkeys by adding faces, arms, legs and tails with felt-tip markers.

Elephant Masks 
Added: 04-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: large paper plates, panty hose (stockings), markers or crayons, newspaper or
packing peanuts, elastic

Directions: Take large paper plate and cut a hole in the middle. Cut one leg of a pair of panty hose and fill it with scrunched up newspaper or packing peanuts. Pull the opened end through the hole in the paper plate and knot it. Decorate the rest of the elephant mask with ears, eyes and mouth. You could use elastic on the back to hold the mask on.

Another Zebra 
Added: 04-01-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Black or White paper, and black or white paint, Q-tips

Directions: Cut out a zebra shape in black and white.  Let the kids decide what color they think a zebra is, then depending on what color they say, give them black or white paint and some q-tips and they paint stripes on the zebra.  Mount them on the opposite colored paper.

Added: 02-10-2002 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Construction paper, glue, scissors, pipe cleaner, and yarn rice crispies, or yellow paper

Directions: Cut out a circle out of tan construction paper for the lion’s face. Glue on a pink triangle for a nose, pipe cleaners for whiskers, and draw on eyes.  For his mane (all around the circle) glue small pieces of one of the following (they all look great) either rice crispies cereal (I know, sounds weird, but it looks cool,), yellow strips of paper, or yellow strips of yarn.

Paper Bag Elephants 
Added: 07-09-2002 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper bag, gray paint, scissors, paper, glue

Directions:  Cut a large section out of a brown paper grocery bag. Have the children crumple it up and make it all wrinkly. Then have them smooth it out flat again and paint with gray tempera paint. When dry, cut out a large elephant shape out of it. Draw on the facial features except for the nose. The nose can also be made from the paper bag painted gray. Accordion fold it after the paint dries and then glue onto the elephant face.

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