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Wind Socks 
Added: 03-07-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: 1 6 oz. foam cup for each child, Sharpened pencil, crepe paper streamers ( 6 colors), glue, yarn

Directions: Use a sharp pencil and poke six holes in the bottom of the cup. Space holes evenly about 1/4″ from the sides of the cup. Cut 6 18in crepe paper streamers for each child. Roll the end of the paper and stick in hole on cup. On inside of cup, add a drop of glue on the side of the cup and glue the paper to the side of the cup. Do all 6 and glue. Poke a hole on each side of the cup- this will be the handle part- add yarn to make the handle. Have the children decorate the outside of the cup with extra pieces of Crete paper. We took ours to the playground and hung then on the fence. Its was so colorful and pretty!

3 -D kites 
Added: 04-18-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Wallpaper, sponges, paper, glue, ribbon

Directions: Let children cut out diamond shape kites using wallpaper. The kids can even trace around a cardboard diamond shape. Now cut a tiny square of sponge & glue this onto a piece of construction paper & place the kite shape on top of the tiny sponge adding some more glue. . The sponge will make the kite stand out. We usually staple a piece of ribbon or yarn on the end of the kite for a tail. Let dry. The children might like to draw a background for the kites.

Paper Windsock 
Added: 04-05-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Large paper, Bingo dabbers, streamers

Directions: First we took a large sheet of construction paper and use bingo dabbers and made some cute designs and then after they were dry we stabled the paper into a tube going to the short way , and the finally step we hung streamers on the end of the windsock – 4 of them and when someone walks by creating enough breeze the windsock will move up and down and side to side.

Wind Chimes 
Added: 03-23-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: See what materials the children suggest

Directions: Make wind chimes for children to hang outside. Wind chimes can be made of many different things. See what materials the children suggest. Forks, spoons, shells, sticks, pieces of metal, aluminum pie pans etc. Tape record the sound of the chimes and let the children listen to it at circle time or nap time.

Kites: Paper Bag Kite 
Added: 03-23-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper bags, Watercolors, paint, or markers, stickers, Streamers, tape or glue, string

Directions: Decorate a clean paper lunch bag. Use water colors, poster paints or markers. Add your favorite stickers or make your own. Cut four 16 inch streamers or ribbons. Glue or tape them to the bottom corners of the bag. For a handle cut a 20 inch length of string. Place the two ends of the string inside the bag, about 1 inch down from the edge of each of the side creases. Attach with masking tape.

Rain Painting  
Added: 08-25-2000 
Original Author: Unknown 

Need: Rain, food coloring, and a paper plate

Directions: On a rainy day, take your children outdoors.  Give them each a paper plate on which you have sprinkled drops of food coloring.  Let the children hold their plates in the rain for about a minute.  When they bring their plates inside, talk about the designs created by the rain.

3d Rainy Clouds  
Added: 05-25-2001 
Submitted by: Edward O’Connor

Need: White Construction paper, gray paint (or mix white and black), newspaper and a stapler.

Directions: First you cut out a cloud pattern for the children to trace. Children then trace pattern on white construction paper twice. The children paint both clouds with gray paint, let it dry over night. Cut out the clouds, then staple two together half way and stuff them with about once piece of newspaper then staple the rest of the way up.  Great project to hang from the ceiling!

Rain Clouds 
Added: 06-26-2001 
Submitted by: Libby P. Pierce

Need: Construction paper, white and black paint, icicles (I call it tinsel)

Directions: Have children finger-paint a cloud mixing black and white paint.  After it dries, cut out cloud shape. 
Turn over on the back and tape icicles (the ones used at Christmas). 

Cloud Dough 
Added 10-22-2001 
Original Author: Unknown 

Need: Flour, salad oil, water, air tight container

Directions: Mix together 6 cups flour and 1 cup salad oil. Add enough water to make the dough soft and pliable.
This dough is soft and elastic and does not harden. Keep it in covered containers. Encourage children to make different cloud shapes.

Cloud Art 
Added: 10-22-2001 
Original Author: Unknown 

Need: Light blue paper, white paint

Directions: Give each child a piece of light blue construction paper. Fold paper in half and then unfold. Let the children squeeze 3-4 drop of white paint from a eyedropper Have them refold and rub across with hands. Open to reveal cloud pictures.

Sun Rainbow Sun Catcher 
Added: 03-05-2002 
Submitted by: Mary Susan Kelly 

Need: 2 CD’s (you can get them free almost everywhere these days), yellow and orange triangles, glue, string or yarn

Directions: Have the children glue yellow and orange triangles on the colored printed side (not the shiny side) of one of the CD’s in the pattern of yellow/ orange/ yellow/ orange/ yellow/ orange. The triangle should hang off the edge of the CD. Then glue the other CD, shiny side up onto the other CD. Put a sting or yarn through the middle and hang up in the room.  Hopefully you have a room with windows and sun.  As the sun shines on the CD’s it reflects a rainbow.  Or have the children take them home to hang in a sunny place. This very simple activity was done with 3 yr. olds to help teach patterning and about rainbows and sunlight. They loved the end result.

Cloud Mobiles 
Added: 03-24-2002 
Original Author: Unknown 

Need: Construction paper (white), scissors, glue, cotton balls, string, wooden dowel (1 per child) or a wire hanger, hole punch

Directions: Have each child cut four or five cloud shapes from white construction paper. Spread glue on the clouds and to stick cotton balls on them. Punch a hole in each cloud and tie one end of a piece of string onto the cloud and the other end of the string onto the wooden dowel or hanger. Then hang.

Walking in the Rain 
Added: 03-24-2002 
Original Author: Unknown 

Need: glue, paper, toothpicks, blue food coloring, small bowls or other containers, crayons and markers

Directions: Use blue food coloring to tint small containers of glue. Ask children to draw a picture. Have kids dot over the picture with toothpicks dipped into the tinted glue, creating a falling rain scene.

Rain, Rain Can You Come In? 
Added: 06-02-2002 
Submitted by: April Washington 

Need: rainy day, food coloring, spray bottle, large paper

Directions: On the days that you are lucky enough to get rain, you can make a rainy day rainbow indoors.. Catch some of the rain in a pail and put it in 3 spray bottles. Decide together what colors you would like the rain to be. Add food color to the rain water. Spread a big piece of paper on the floor (secured with tape, and be sure to protect the floor around it.) and 3 children at a time spray the colored water up in the air so it falls down onto the paper. When it dries we call it a rainy day rainbow! Who ever said a rainy day isn’t fun?

Rain Shaker 
Added: 09-24-2002 
Submitted by: Dana Coates-Work

Need: A soda pop can or soup can with lid off, plastic wrap, construction paper, bingo dabbers or decorations, beans, tape.

Directions: Have each child place 1 tbsp of bean mixture  into the can. Cover top with thick plastic wrap. Have the children decorate their construction paper.  Wrap paper around the can and tape in place. 

Optional: Cut out circles for top and bottom of can and tape in place.  Shake rain maker and sing rain songs.

Rainbow Necklace 
Added: 02-10-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: fruit loops, yarn

Directions: Give the children fruit loops to string onto yarn to make an edible rainbow necklace.

Rainbow Noodles 
Added: 02-16-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: macaroni noodles, paper, glue or string

Directions: Dye small macaroni the colors of a rainbow. Have children make a rainbow gluing those onto paper. Or Pattern them on string to make rainbow necklaces.

Cereal Rainbows 
Added: 03-03-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Fruit Loops Cereal, glue, paper

Directions: You will need a box of Fruit Loops (or similar cereal), paper, pencil  and glue. For younger children, you should draw a rainbow shape on to  the paper then have the children glue the fruit loops inside the  shape. Older children can make their own rainbow shape, or trace it.

You Are My Sunshine 
Added: 07-01-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Tagboard circle cutout yellow tissue paper yellow streamers gold glitter glue

Directions: Have the child glue the yellow tissue paper pieces all over the circle cutout to cover it. Then sprinkle glitter over circle.
Finish by attaching the yellow streamers to the edges to create a sun.

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