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“Oscar the Grouch” 
Added: 05-19-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Film canister, newspaper, green pompom, wiggle eyes

Directions:  Using 35 mm film canisters, have the children cut a little square of newspaper (approx. 3X3″) put a drop of glue in the bottom of the canister and then put the newspaper in so some sticks out of the top; glue one green pompom on the newspaper, and glue two tiny wiggle eyes on the pompom (they will need help with the eyes.) it looks just like Oscar the Grouch in his garbage can. You can get all the film canisters that you need for free at a film/camera store. (Try your local Walmart too!)

Big Bird’s Feathers 
Added: 05-19-2003 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: glue, yellow feathers or tissue paper, paper

Directions:  Draw or photo copy a picture a large picture of Big Bird. Have the children glue feathers or yellow tissue paper onto big bird.

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