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Pizza Painting 
Added: 01-09-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paint, paper

Directions: The kids enjoy “spreading ” red finger paint over a brown circle, then sprinkling paper “cheese” strips and finally putting the little red paper circles on for the pepperoni.

Chef Hat 
Added: 01-09-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: poster board, staple, tissue paper

Directions: For a chef make a hat by cutting a strip of white poster board, staple it to fit the size of each child’s head. Then take one sheet of white tissue paper and staple it to the top of the poster band and fluff up the tissue to look like a bakers hat.   

Paper Plate Pizza 
Added: 01-09-2000 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: paper plates, paint, paper

Directions: For art make pizzas with paper plates for the crust, red paint for the sauce, yellow and white construction paper cut into thin strips for cheese, brown construction paper cut into circles for sausage.  

Veggy Pizza 
Added: 02-10-2002 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Red paper, vegetables, paint

Directions: Cut a red circles for your pizza. Vegetable print mushrooms, peppers, onions etc. on top of the pizza

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