Arts & Crafts: Medieval

Knights Mask
Original Author Unknown
Need: Box, aluminum foil
Directions: Use a box the size of the child’s head, make sure there is enough ventilation for the child before continuing. Cover the mask/box with aluminum foil, allowing holes for the eyes. Add a visor over the top of the mask which can be made by using a piece or card with vertical slits cut into it and attach it with split pins at each side so that it can move up and down. The visor will also be covered with foil. Other accessories can also be made, for example a sword, breast plates and arm bands.

Original Author Unknown
Need: Paper, glue, collage material
Directions: Cut out crowns for children to decorate.

Original Author Unknown
Need: paper, ribbon, glue, crepe paper
Directions: Make hats for princes and princess, tri-fold newspaper hats for boys, cone hats with ribbon or crepe paper to hang from top for girls. Decorate as you wish.

Coat of Arms
Original Author Unknown
Need: Shield shape paper, crayons, markers, magazines, glue
Directions: Design of coat of arms. Cut out a shield shape. Write (or they write) their name at the top. Then divide the shield into four parts. 1. Color with favorite colors 2. Draw your family 3. Draw or glue on pictures of favorite foods. 4. Draw or glue on pictures of favorite animals

Fire Spitting Dragon
Original Author Unknown
Need: paint, paper
Directions: Provide brown, yellow, orange and red paint for the children to paint fire-spitting dragon.

Create a Dragon
Original Author Unknown
Need: Egg Carton, paper, pipe cleaners, and other art materials
Directions: Provide egg cartons, paper, pipe cleaners and other art materials for the children to create dragons.

Submitted by: Donna Moran
Need: paper plate, xacto knife (adult only), glitter, crayons, markers, collage material
Directions: Take a paper plate and, with an xacto knife (adult only), cut the center just like you would a pie, stopping before the outer rim of the plate. Gently fold up the triangle pieces to form a crown. Decorate with glitter.

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