Arts & Crafts: Manners

Added: 09-02-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: small paper bags, marking pens, rubber cement, scissors, construction paper.

Directions:  Using a small paper bag, make a sample puppet whose face expresses one of the basic emotions. Be Sure to give the puppet hands. Set materials on the table in the art area and invite the children to make their own Puppet. When the puppets are done you can use them to act out using good manners. Like covering our mouth when we sneeze or cough, saying please and Thank you, etc…

Cover Your nose & Mouth 
Added: 09-02-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Large paper plate, Popsicle stick, paper, facial tissues, markers, yarn
Directions:  Trace the children’s hands on construction paper and cut them out. Have the children make a face on the paper plate. Cut strips of paper to use as arms. Glue the hands to the strips and the strips to the plate. Now glue a tissue over the mouth and then glue the hands over the tissue. Talk with children about how important it is to covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze.

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