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Paper Bag Owl 
Added: 09-30-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper bag, constructions paper, crayons, newspaper, and twigs

Directions: Then we made an owl out of a paper bag. You cut an upside down U in the open end of the bag to leave 2 feet. You add 2 pointed ears, a diamond mouth and two eyes. Have the children color lines for his hair and add two black claws. Stuff the bag with some newspaper. That day we went on a walk and we each looked for a twig. We used that twig to perch the owl on. Just put the twig near the bottom of the owl and staple the bag together.

Paper Plate Owl 
Added: 09-30-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Paper plates (the kind with the ridged edges), circles of orange construction paper for eyes, V-shaped pieces of orange construction paper for bills and claws, a magic marker, brown tempera paint, and glue. 

Directions: Using the magic marker, draw cutting lines on each paper plate at 10, 2, 5 and 7 O’clock, and along the inner edge of the ridges (these will be the wings). Have the children cut their plates on the lines, then have them paint the pieces of the paper plate with brown tempera paint and let dry. Staple the owl’s wings to the bodies for the children (or use brads for more moveable wings). Have the children glue the eyes, beaks and claws onto their owls.

Make Squirrel Tracks 
Added: 09-30-1998 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Potato, paint and a paint roller

Directions: Cut a potato into paw prints. Use potato like a stamp. If you use  the footpads you need to roll the paint on with little paint rollers.

Added: 11-07-1999 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Squirrel pattern, brad, shredded wheat, glue, and crayons

Directions: Find a cute squirrel with an attached tail (brad) . The bigger the better. Give the kids a square of shredded wheat and let them crumble it all up to shreds (they love this part) and then they can glue this to the busy tail. or all over whatever they want. My kids can cut out the squirrel but little ones may need the squirrel already cut.

Soft Squirrel 
Added: 11-06-2001 
Submitted by: Rita Neve

Need: Pattern of a squirrel, dryer lint, glue

Directions: Children glue the lint onto the squirrel for a soft gray squirrel.

Forest Collages
Added: 11-06-2001 
Original Author: Unknown

Need: Pine cones, pine needles, leaves, small rocks, dirt, glue, paper or cardboard

Directions: Collect pine cones, pine needles,  leaves, small rocks and even a little dirt. Let the children paste them to a piece of cardboard cut in the shape of a pine tree for a forest collage. Add small animals that live in your trees that are cut out of cardboard.

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