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Alphabet : G > Music & Songs

Darling Little Goldfish added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

My darling little goldfish (wiggle one finger)
Hasn't any toes (point to your toes)
He swims around without a sound (pretend one finger is swimming)
And bumps his angry nose. (point to nose)
He can't get out to play with me (Point to your self)
Nor I get in to him (Point to children)
Although I say "Come out and play," (motion finger to come out)
He says, "come in and swim." (pretend you are swimming)

Gum balls added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Sung to: "Muffin Man"

Oh do you know the gum ball man, the gum ball man, the gum ball man,
Oh do you know the gum ball man, he comes just once a week.
When we put our nickels in the slot, our nickels in the slot, our nickels
in the slot, This is what we got.
_______________ and _______________ (children's names) both got red
______________ and ________________ both got red,
but ________ got blue.
Maybe someday we'll be lucky, and instead of one gum ball we'll get two.

Green Grapes added 6-30-98 Original Author Unknown

Five green grapes growing on a vine.
(Hold up five fingers.)
I picked one cause it looked so fine!
(Touch thumb and fold it down.)
Four green grapes growing on a vine.
Hold up four fingers.)
I picked another for my Valentine!
(Touch index finger & fold down.)
Three green grapes growing on a vine.
(Hold up three fingers.)
I ate another, I couldn’t decline!
(Touch middle finger and fold down.)
Two green grapes growing on a vine.
(Hold two fingers up.)
I ate another in the sunshine.
(Touch ring finger and fold down.)
One green grape growing on a vine
(Hold up little finger)
I ate it too, cause they were all mine!
(Fold down little finger)

The Yellow Giraffe  added 5-12-02 Original Author Unknown

The yellow giraffe is tall as can be. (Put hand up high)
His lunch is a bunch of leaves off a tree. (Put arm up for tree branches)
He has a very long neck and his legs are long too.  (Point to neck and legs)
And he can run faster than his friends in the zoo.  (Run in place)

Going Fishing  added 5-12-02 Original Author Unknown

When I go fishing down at the brook, (Hold fishing pole over shoulder)
I put a wiggly worm on my hook. (Put wiggly worm on hook)
I toss it into water, (Swing pole into water)
And hope with all my might,
A little fish will swim on by. (Left hand-fingers together)
And take a great big bite. (Move thumb away from fingers -- then snap them back together)

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