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Alphabet : F > Music & Songs

Five Fingers added 7-18-98 Original Author Unknown

I have five fingers on each hand.
(Show each hand.)
I like to put them in the sand.
(Wiggle all fingers.)
When I hide my thumb just so,
(Bend thumbs back.)
There’s only four that I can show.
(Show four fingers on each hand.)

Darling Little Goldfish added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

My darling little goldfish (wiggle one finger)
Hasn't any toes (point to your toes)
He swims around without a sound (pretend one finger is swimming)
And bumps his angry nose. (point to nose)
He can't get out to play with me (Point to your self)
Nor I get in to him (Point to children)
Although I say "Come out and play," (motion finger to come out)
He says, "come in and swim." (pretend you are swimming)

The Two Feet Game added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

(hold hands and recite and act out this rhyme)
I can walk with two feet, two feet, two feet.
I can walk with two feet, two feet, all day long.

I can jump with two feet...
I can hop with two feet...
I can run with two feet...
I can march with two feet...
I can slide with two feet...
I can skip with two feet...
(Can also be used with other parts of the body--I can blink with two eyes, I
can wave with one hand, I can wiggle ten fingers, etc.

Five Frisky Frogs added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

Five little frisky frogs
Hopping on the shore.
One hopped into the pond -
S P L A S H !
So then there were just four.
Four little frisky frogs
Climbing up a tree.
One fell into the grass -
B O O M !
So then there were just three.
Three little frisky frogs
Bathing in the dew
One caught a sneezy cold -
A H H C H O O !
So then there were just two.
Two little frisky frogs
Sleeping in the sun.
One slept the day away -
S N O R E !
So then there was just one.
One little frisky frog
Sitting on a stone.
Let's call his four friends back -
Y O O - H O O !
So he won't be alone.


5.) Hold up five fingers. hop. Call "splash" loudly Throw hands out and up.
4.) Hold up four fingers. Climb. Fall. call "boom" loudly.
3.) Hold up three fingers Wash face and body Cover nose. Sneeze loudly.
2.) Hold up two fingers. Sleep. Snore loudly.
1.) Hold up one finger, Lean chin on hand. Look sad Cup hands around mouth. Hold up five fingers. smile.

Ten little fingers added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

I have ten fingers and they all belong to me (place hands upright)
I can make them do things Would you like to see?
I can shut them up tight (form fist)
Or open them wide (open hands)
I can put them together or make them all hide (Close both fists)
I can make them jump high (put hands over head)
I can make them go low ( put hands down)
I can fold them quietly and hold them just so ( put hands in lap)

Fire, Fire added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

Fire, fire, fire fire
Hear the siren blowing!
Fire, fire fire , fire
Everybody's going!
Climb the lader, squirt the hose,
With a sh, sh sh sh!!
Out the fire goes!

Fire Engine added 3-3-99 Original Author Unknown

This is the fire engine
this is the hose,
the firemen work fast
when the siren blows.

Up goes the ladder,
Up goes the hose.
The fire is out
When the siren blows.

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